Driving Business with Technology

As the Chief Information Officer at Springs Window Fashions, a leading manufacturer and distributor of window coverings and member of the Executive Leadership Team at Springs Window Fashions, I am responsible for driving the company's strategic goals of increasing revenue and margin through innovative, unconventional, and novel approaches. By enabling IT-business partnership and leading digital transformation initiatives, I have developed a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer satisfaction and business results.

My career has been marked by implementing large-scale change management programs that capture significant cost savings while simultaneously driving dramatic growth. I excel at pinpointing opportunities to automate processes, simplify complex business operations, and digitize workflows to achieve industry-leading success.

As an experienced IT executive, I employ a versatile leadership approach that blends strategic vision, operational excellence, and people-centric management.
I also bring a strong entrepreneurial mindset and execution focus. I am not afraid to challenge the status quo, experiment with unconventional solutions, and take calculated risks in pursuit of breakthrough results. My ability to define a clear, compelling vision and rally stakeholders around a common goal has been instrumental in delivering transformative change.

Underpinning my versatile leadership style is a deep understanding of business acumen and financial management. I leverage data-driven insights to make informed decisions, optimize costs, and ensure the long-term viability of strategic initiatives. By aligning IT priorities with the organization's overarching objectives, I have consistently delivered measurable improvements to the top and bottom lines.

Key Strengths:
- Influential Strategic Leadership
- Entrepreneurial Mindset and Execution
- High-Level Financial Acumen
- Cost Savings and Controls
- Relationship Building
- Employee Engagement
- Defining Global Vision
- Digital Transformation

My strong belief of quality, appropriate, reliable and affordable technology services is the key attribute of a high performing information technology department. Prioritizing technology investments according to value of the organization and making and meeting the right commitments for constituents is of paramount importance in ensuring technology is a true business enabler.

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